Sunday, September 28, 2014

September has been wonderful Month

Busy and lots of fun.

 N Swim Special Olympics in Logan and meets Big BLUE !

3 Parkinson Princess in one Pic !


So, I have been told three times this month that I look like this gorgeous girl. I guess it's OK, bring on another Birthday.

"Once in  Lifetime" 9-21-14

So grateful for this New Temple.....

We were humbled to be present in the Session room at the New Ogden Temple Dedication.  Simply amazing !

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love Back to School.  Learning is Awesome !

Sunday, May 18, 2014

End of another School year !   Summer warmth is here.  We are busy as can bee.  

D  Handsome man wearing a lot of white shirts, conducting funerals etc. He had another birthday too. Got to do Baptisms in Brigham for some Korean names yesterday.

S fixed C dress for the B & W Ball. and spent a Saturday with her Mom shopping, quilting and visiting.

T & K celebrated K graduation from WSU...Happy Day.  We are proud of him. NO Limit Half & 5K out of the way!

K & C will be married on June 26th in Oquirrh Mountain temple  Awesome !

C went to Sr. Cotillion. First Place in NO LIMIT 5K. Finished wtih Track. Jumping and running 100 She got her WSI  & will be working at North Shore again this summer.

N had his big performance of "Once Upon A Lilly Pad" and Played the Piano at the Talent Show.

First Place in NO LIMIT 5K for N too.. No greenhouse production this year.  Somehow the head Greenhouse manager is much busier than last Spring.  Oh well..

 D and S just livin' the dream. We certainly have so much to be grateful for.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


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 What Frozen Is Really About

There’s been a lot of talk about Frozen lately. Kudos to the marketing people at Disney, because Frozen is EVERYWHERE. (Although, if I see another “most amazing cover of ‘Let It Go’ EVER!!” on Facebook, I might claw my eyes out. I’m not sure hooooow many people on the planet can record the best version of this song EVER……….but it’s getting old.) 

Anyway. There’s also been a lot of talk about the “hidden” negative messages in the movie. I’m not super interested in discussing that here. What I DO want to talk about is the extremely positive and uplifting message that I got from it.
And that is the lesson of SISTERS and ICY HEARTS.
Anna has an icy heart. 

There are many times when we create our OWN icy hearts– but this wasn’t Anna’s case. She had ice placed in her heart by her sister, Elsa. This was not Anna’s fault, and it was unfair and undeserved. And although Elsa doesn’t do this on purpose (and until the end, doesn’t even realize she’s done it at all), the ice in Anna’s heart IS real and will destroy her if it doesn’t melt.

Here’s the clincher: 
Although this is essentially Elsa’s doing, Elsa cannot make it better. 
Only Anna can.

I’ve thought a lot about this. I’ve thought about the people in my life, and I’ve thought about myself. I’ve started to realize that many hearts of my loved ones are icy because (as in Anna’s case) a friend or family member PUT the ice there. A sister. An in-law. A co-worker. A spouse. Sometimes the ice is thrown on purpose. But usually it’s not. And in so many cases, there’s a lot of
waiting around for the Ice Throwers to melt the ice.

Frozen teaches us that this isn’t the way.
Only WE can melt the ice in our hearts REGARDLESS of who put it there. Regardless of whether or not we deserved it, or if it was our fault, or if it was intentional. Frozen teaches us there are more important things than justice, fairness, consequences, or retribution. The most important thing is your heart. And if, in the end, you become bitter, hardened, unforgiving, stagnant, and cold– the ice has won.So how do we melt the ice? Anna thaws her icy heart by performing an act of unselfish love FOR the one who put the ice there in the first place. She has no hidden agendas. No ulterior motivations of validation or secret hopes of receiving an apology. And if I’m remembering correctly, Elsa never does actually apologize. But that doesn’t matter. Because that’s not what Anna was after.

I was deeply moved by Anna’s example of unselfish Christlike love, which ultimately saved her life. She didn’t need a hero with a sword, the magic of trolls, or even Elsa to remove the ice. She herself had the power all along.
The gospel of Jesus Christ gives us each this same power. He constantly had ice thrown at Him, but His heart could never be made cold. Following His example of humility, service, compassion, patience, charity, and forgiveness protects our own hearts from becoming frozen.He teaches us that relationships are the most important thing on earth, and often they are in need of repair. Many times they can be mended. Sometimes they cannot. And often it’s the frozen heart of another that causes us great pain. While we would do anything in the world to thaw someone else’s ice, all we can do is patiently wait for Christ to step in and help them, as He has helped us.
And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ” (2  Thessalonians 3:5).

Ultimately, Frozen teaches us to be more worried about the condition of our hearts than our pride or our need to be right. These things will freeze our ability to progress, our happiness, our peace, and our character. A frozen heart will most certainly distance us– not only from our siblings, our parents, our neighbors, and our friends– but also from God.

“Love thaws a frozen heart.”
So find someone who’s hurt you…
and give them a warm hug today.

Busy New Year

 (S) MY NEW MOTTO  2014

Sweetheart Dance &

Prom Invite for T

Pirate Chest for N he turns 20 !

C & K Valentine Boxes :0)

K & T Rubics cube Love

Valentine Dinner & Box Crew

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Feels like fall here in NO.  Harvest time is so Busy!

Kids back in school.  C at WHS, N at Canyon View and KP at USU, and KS at WSU

Life is good. 
D staying very busy, but still makes us laugh
S is ironing white shirts and trying to keep up with the garden production
T & K win the prize for Blackberries. 
K the missing Aggie fan
N did Swimming for Special Olympics
C on Volleyball team- what a sweetheart, soon to be 16
Sadie the Vegetarian is great with zuchinni and peppers.

Success with Honeydews, peaches, Pears and tomatoes this year.